Mental Health Support

How My Restful  Mind Inc can enhance your mental health journey


Counselling for depression and anxiety helps everyday people gain control of their lives, improve relationships, and achieve true satisfaction. Working closely with a qualified guide allows therapy participants to systematically reveal, examine, and adjust behaviours and thought patterns that keep them from realizing their best possible lives.​

Therapy is a short term goal-oriented process that will show gradual improvements. It takes time, dedication, and consistent effort to create the mental foundation for a new life. In this journey, many participants will find that the addition of counselling improves their overall outcomes. What makes online mental health support the ideal supplement to traditional office-based therapy sessions?

In Pakistan and other countries across the world, there is a chronic shortage of qualified mental health care experts. This drives many professionals to limit the amount of time they spend with each patient, charge more for their services, or lean towards group sessions that may not provide the right amount of personal attention for some. Online mental health support offers a framework for patients to work independently when they can’t see their therapist.

Tracking is a big part of the process. Patients can use their online program to record information like daily habits, reactions and triggers, and other vital earmarks that help therapists decipher the root cause of adverse mental patterns. These digital records are easier to review, store, and analyze than paper versions, which makes them more helpful over the long-term.

When patients have questions, need clarification, or simply want a little extra support during rough times, online programs give them access to resources that are customized to their personal development path. Messaging and file-sharing abilities let therapists and patients continue their dialogue between sessions, which increases the patient’s ability to retain helpful information.

My Restful Mind Inc. offers mental health support for students and young adults. You can follow these simple steps and achieve your mental health goals…