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Subscribe to any of our student-friendly packages and become a member!

Subscribe to any of our student-friendly packages and become a member!

Subscribe to any of our student-friendly packages and become a member!

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Online sessions which can be taken anywhere you want

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Focused On Students

Guidance and help for issues faced by students on a day to day level

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We operate on a very secure platform compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, PHIPA/PIPEDA, & HITECH where your sessions are conducted in a secure way

Mental Wellness Just A Click Away


Individual Therapy

During an individual session, the focus is only on one person and that is you. Here, you’ll have the privacy you need to share what’s on your mind.

Customer support

We are just a click away to answer your questions. Get in touch with us via email or chat box for any queries. 


Live Q&A with therapist and guest speaker

Monthly Live Q&A sessions with therapists and guest speakers will inspire you to live a healthy life.

Peer Support

Peer support is a supportive relationship between people who have gone through similar experiences. This is your chance to learn from experienced student mentors to improve mental well-being.

Stress Management Toolkit

Stress Management Toolkit can help you tame your stress and build skills to better manage future stress. This is a great self-care resource that will be at your side when you are alone. 


Personal Task Manager

Always stay at the top of your tasks with your Personal Task Manager. You can share your tasks and daily rituals with your therapist. This is a great way to lead to a productive life. 

In-Person Therapy Referral

Skip the line and dodge the waiting time with our referral to a psychologist in your area. 

We understand you might have a lot of Questions

Let us start by answering a few

Why My Restful Mind?

My Restful Mind is a positive all-inclusive platform where students from different backgrounds can have access to mental health services in different languages. Students can choose their choice of a therapist from different plans we offer. The sessions are partially covered by University insurance as well.

Does health insurance cover My Restful Mind sessions?

My Restful Mind covers many universities and college insurance. To get more information, check our Terms & Conditions:

Terms & Conditions

How to navigate services at My Restful Mind?

If you are new to the My Restful Mind platform, you can navigate the services from the header menu bar.

If you are a member, you can navigate services by logging into your account from the ‘Member Login’ option on the top right corner of the website.

You can become a member by subscribing to one of our services from ‘Our Services’ page.

How My Restful Mind works?

Step 1: Take a quick survey to get matched with one of our therapists
Step 2: Choose your selected monthly subscription
Step 3: Check your email for membership registration and create your account
Step 4: Book an appointment with your therapist
Step 5: Our therapist will be in touch with you to begin your session
Step 6: Personalize your selfcare kit with our peer support mentor

What platforms does My Restful Mind use?

The e-commerce platform on the website is provided by WordPress, which is a cloud-based web development platform. WordPress is responsible for the storage of the information you provide and the security of that stored data.

The second platform that will be utilized in the process of therapy is is a source-to-source encrypted and HIPPA Compliant Telemedicine platform for call, video and text counselling. You will be given a personalized URL after booking, granting you free access to

We use PayPal platform to process financial transactions.

How is personal information and privacy protected on My Restful Mind?

Information you provide to us is stored on WordPress, a cloud-based web development platform that is responsible for data storage and data storage security.

For more details, you can review our privacy policy here:

Privacy Policy

We Would Love To Hear From You

Ask a question or give your feedback below. For emergencies call 1122 or visit your nearest hospital