For Women, About Women, By Women 

The battle with mental health is endless, especially when harassment cases have dramatically increased, and when society continues to perpetuate unrealistic body standards. The damaging idea that women ‘feel too much’, or ‘overreact’ are still alive and well inculcated in our social roots to this day. 

Our support groups are a safe, judgement-free space aimed at alleviating the suffering of women who are facing emotional distress. Each session will consist of upto 10 women  having open conversations about self-care, coping strategies and mental health care. This is a place for like-minded individuals to support each other, to find strength in each other, and more importantly to celebrate each other’s success. 


Women support group
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    Register For Support Group

    Why join a Support Group?

    Support Groups are an affordable way to reduce feelings of distress, anxiety or depression. It equips participants with skills they can use to cope with challenges. It’s an opportunity to stay motivated, get expert feedback, and gain a sense of empowerment and hope. 

    Structure of the Support Group:

    Each support group session will run for  60 minutes every week and will be guided by a professional psychologist.

    Privacy and data concerns:

    Confidentiality will be maintained at all times, and participants can choose to remain anonymous by using a nickname if they are not comfortable revealing their identity. 

    Sign Up & Register:

     Each support group session will cost PKR500. The transaction would have to be made prior to the session. The dates and time of the session will be communicated to all respondents via the contact information provided. Multiple timeslots are available.

    Our support groups are a place of healing, of hope, of bonding, and of compassion in dark times. 

    support group Facilitator

    Amna Allaudin

    Clinical Psychologist


    Amna Allauddin is a Clinical Psychologist and holds an M-Phil in Clinical Psychology from Bahria University, Institute of Professional Psychology. She works with an integrative and interactive approach with a diverse population including children, adolescents, adults, and older people.

    She is working actively since last 4 years. Her former experience includes working in different hospitals including Aga Khan Hospital , Jinnah Hospital and PNS Shifa as a Psychologist.
    She is currently working with different organisations such as Center of Inclusive Care as a Clinical Therapist, Life School as a Behavioural Therapist, and online platforms like My Restful Mind and Baat Karo to provide supportive counselling.

    Her work experience extensively covers dealing with trauma and wellbeing, depression and anxiety, relationship wellness, stress, anger and other mental health  issues through counselling, psychotherapy, and psychoeducation.